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January 17, 2016!

Wow!! I don’t even know where to begin! So much has happened in the last couple of months, it’s been a really exciting adventure for Matt and I! We moved to Calgary this past September, after graduating from MacEwan University with our Bachelor of Music Degrees in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music (Matt in guitar, and me in vocal). For the first time in my life I haven’t been in school! It seems that the last six months has just been a whirl wind of packing and unpacking boxes! Both Matt’s parents and my parents moved and sold our childhood homes, and the house in Edmonton Matt and I were living in in Edmonton sold too! We really love having our own official place and home. I just finished unpacking some more boxes just yesterday, so we have been super busy! In a way I don’t think I’ve ever had more to do, but everything I am doing now is stuff I have been wanting and waiting to do in the past four years of university but there was never time. Starting last September, I began teaching mainly voice, but also guitar, piano and ukulele at two Calgary music studios, to young children all the way up to adults. I really love it, and I feel like my skills and passion for music are growing each day I teach! I have been putting tons of effort and focus into my teaching the last couple months and I will continue to do so. It is so rewarding to me! I also conducted and lead a carolling group in Calgary this Christmas which was lots of fun. We sang by a skating rink lit with Christmas lights. It felt very festive! 


I had a lovely Christmas as my parents and brother came to visit us in Calgary and saw our house and what we have done to it since moving in. On Christmas, Matt surprised me with some more photos from the photo shoot we did this summer! What a sweet and thoughtful gift! Thanks Matt!! J <3 Thanks again to Kaylee Waterfield of Kay Rose Design who did the shoot for being so kind, helpful and generous like always! I love her work, she is the best!


I also would like to thank “Jazz Essentials on 101.5 The Hawk” for the airplay and the interest both my albums Mosaic and Just The Sun have been receiving. Thank you also to NAIT NR92 Campus Radio for the feature as well!


One of our greatest joys since moving to Calgary has been adopting Mollie, our kitty!! Oh my goodness, I love her to pieces! We went to the Humane Society in Calgary every day for almost a whole week to meet tons of different cats, but we kept going back until we found the puuurrrfect one. We were almost starting to lose hope when we met Mollie and we just knew right away she was the kitty for us! I think she has won the hearts of everyone she’s met! Even though she’s just over a year old but is still a kitten in a lot of ways and she loves to play. She is very sweet and loves her toys! She has the softest velvet fur and the pinkest nose!! I could go on about her forever! I love my little family!


Calgary is really starting to feel like home to me now! People love to compare the cities and seem hold a competition between Edmonton and Calgary but truly I love them both (and honestly they are not as different as people make them out to be IMO.) I mean, it’s only a three hour drive! Lol! Which is awesome because I know my family is never that far away. Some of the Calgary things I have been enjoying:

1.     My auntie! My auntie has lived in Calgary for years and visiting her has always been one of the highlights of my year! Now I see her at least every two weeks! This has been so fun!

2.     Thrift shopping: If you know me, you know I love to thrift shop. IMO the thrift stores in Calgary blow the Edmonton ones out of the water! Almost everything I’ve bought since moving here has been from a thrift shop. I prefer it to the mall! Usually I can find nicer and cheaper things. If you don’t thrift shop I definitely recommend it. It is so great for the environment; you help charity and it gives people a job.

3.     There is so much to do! Lots of it is a big adventure because so much is new, but I been going to some great new restaurants and shops, and I love how close the mountains are! Matt and I got to take a beautiful ski trip in a day to Banff! I recently just discovered a Thai Vegan restaurant by my house and I love it! I also love cactuses and succulent plants and I found a store called “plant” that’s sells varieties I’ve never even seen before! There are still a lot of places I want to go, things I want to see, and things I want to do, but it sure doesn’t hurt seeing the mountain view on the way to work!


Haha all I really need is more time! There are a lot of plans and projects in the works right now, and there is one large project in the works Matt and I are working on that we are so so excited about! I cannot wait to share, when the time comes.


I miss all of my friends back home in Edmonton, so don’t be afraid to reach out and give me a call! It’s tough for me to communicate personally with every friend in Edmonton I care about because that is just such a ton of people, and you know I’ve been doing a few things haha! However, I’m never too busy for a message or call. 


I hope you had a great Christmas and I know we are all going to make it a great year!

<3 Mieke


Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! Today is the last day of the Mosaic upload :) Today's song is "The Upper Hand (Acoustic)" This acoustic version is how I originally wrote the song, but I fell in love with the acoustic version and the band version once we jammed it out! I couldn't pick between the two so I decided to put both on the album! :) This one has a little latin feel and a great nylon guitar solo by Matthew Jumpsen! Fun fact is that I also did some of the percussion on this track! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tdQS1275Gc

Hi Everyone! Today's Mosaic upload is track 7 "What'cha Do." This song is super fun and one of my favourites to perform live! Enjoy!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqtBwLr0sDI

Hi Everyone! Happy evening of day 5 of the Mosaic upload! Todays song is "My Enemy." Lyrically it is one of the more personal songs off the album, but perhaps a relatable one. Enjoy!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SJ69GukP6I

On to day 4 of the Mosaic upload! Today's song is Bows & Knots, enjoy! 


Hi Everyone!! I'm back on the "Mosaic" upload adventure!! Sorry for the slight delay, I ended up having a very exciting and busy weekend working a live sound gig! Today's upload will be "Bows & Knots."

Hi everyone! Day 2 of the Mosaic upload! This is a folky song from the album called "Winter Love." I had a lot of fun writing the vocal harmonies for this song, so I hope you enjoy listening to them just as much! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7FYysMqSWs&feature=autoshare

Hi Everyone! I have some exciting news! Starting today I will be uploading my "Mosaic" album to youtube and soundcloud! Today I'm uploading "My Call Goes," the single off the album and "The Upper Hand." For the rest of the week I'll be uploading a song a day! Mosaic will very soon be appearing on popular digital streaming services. Enjoy!

July 25th, 2015
There has been so much activity since my last blog post! Where do I begin! I had a great time at the Edmonton Music Awards with my date/band mate Matthew Jumpsen and my family! It was such an honour to be nominated alongside musicians I look up too! We ended the night by celebrating with my favourite cake! Yum! (I live to eat cake lol.) Then the very next day Matt and I were off to do a songwriting and music lesson /performance at a local Edmonton elementary school. We had a great time, and shared our knowledge of songwriting and answered lots of questions. The kids seemed really curious about the whole music thing, which was super exciting! Shortly after that, I officially graduated with my Bachelor degree in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music! I had a great time, and I felt so proud to be in the first graduating class of this new degree program at MacEwan University and to walk across the stage with my MacEwan and real family near by. I will miss MacEwan and the people very much, but I am definitely ready to move on and start using everything I’ve learned in the real world! Once again I got to celebrate with cake! Yay! This time I baked another coconut kitty cat, but instead with confetti coconut! I thought that made it a bit more festive. Since then, I have been doing lots of house work as the house I am currently living in is for sale - and I have some big news coming soon in regards to that! I've also been working on more music and piano and I took a much needed vacation. Before I left for vacation, Matt and I (M&M) had a show at Café Tiramisu. We always have such a good time there, and we played some new songs and original material. We even got to see our friend Derek who came to the show right before he left to Australia.  He even bought us big cookies! So nice! For our vacation, Matt and I went to Calgary for a week and then to Nakusp, British Columbia where my parents have a vacation spot. We spent about a week camping there and it was so lovely. Lots of hot tubs, sun, golfing, fishing! I became vegetarian in my teens, but before that, I grew up fishing, so now I that I am vegetarian, I catch and release. But Matt doesn’t haha! I also shot a 53 in 9 holes of golf, which I was super pleased about! Now that our vacation is over, I’m working on some new cover songs and getting ready for the upcoming year! Talk to you soon with more exciting happenings! 

May 25th /2015

Wow!!! I can’t believe 4 years flew by so fast! I’ve finally finished my bachelor degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music for vocals at Macewan University! What a ride! As you can probably tell from my lack of previous blog posts it was a busy, busy time! I am thrilled to be able to have time to cook, do laundry, and do things besides homework. It’s the little things haha! I’ve been starting to slow down and change my focus to my original music again. I did however have a great time being a part of the many graduation recitals at Macewan whether I was singing, stage running or doing live sound. The right top picture is my friend/ amazing pianist and composer Andrew Reid conducting his composition, (I'm in the choir). The picture below is me and my friend Megan Whittington singing for my friend (composer/ridiculously amazing singer) Allison Nichols.

After school ended I had a great gig for a outdoor street fair where I got to play some country/rock music with Matthew Jumpsen, Andreas Wegner, Josh Griffin, and Oliver Westwall. We had a great time and the free hotdogs were a bonus! It was really fun to play that style of music, as I don’t get as much chance to! Rehearsing with those guys is always a blast to boot! In this time I was also thrilled to receive the news that my album Mosaic with the track My Call Goes got nominated for the R&B/Soul recording of the year at the 2015 Edmonton Music Awards! I truly feel very honored to receive this nomination and I feel very proud to have my name up with the other artists in the category because I really admire them! Right now I’ve been teaching and getting back into the swing of updating and pursuing my original music. I have also discovered that I love cooking and baking, so I’ve been exploring that world. I actually came up with a coconut cake recipe which seems to be a hit! Maybe I can be a singing baker lol! Keep you guys updated with the upcoming news! Thanks for the support and enjoy the summer!!

February 21st /2015

Wow! Time really flies by! I hope everyone has been having a great time and adventure in the New Year so far! So much has been happening since my last blog post! I had a much-needed relaxing Christmas and New Years and since then I’ve entered the last couple of months of my music degree! (I can’t believe that it’s that time already!!). I’m really learning some new musical skills this term and year, which has been fun and has really stretched my brain in a good way! I’ve been taking a live sound class which means I’ve been learning how to mix shows and set up, a business course, songwriting course and a course about musicians health. These classes have really opened up my eyes! The business world and music world are more similar that most people realize. In fact, its really making me think about starting up my own music business one day! Another big part of my life these past few months have been teaching. I’ve continued to teach privately, but I have been teaching out of the fantastic music studio “Crescendo” located in Sherwood Park. In addition to teaching voice I have had the pleasure of teaching guitar and ukulele as well! It has been an amazing experience, and you really do learn a lot from teaching and from your students!

I recently had a lovely gig with my partner in crime Matthew Jumpsen (together we are the duo M&M.) We played for a special Valentines evening at the amazing Café Tiramisu. That place is so romantic, and we were thrilled to be the soundtrack for everyone’s evening. We also debuted a new song I wrote. It’s called “For You” and I am hoping to share it with you all soon! Here’s to the rest of the year, more gigs, songs, music, graduation, moving houses and much more!


Yayy!!! It's officially birthday month!!! Literally everyone in my family has their birthday this month! Including me! (on the 14th.) As in 8 more days. But who's counting. Obviously not me. For those who know me personally, it is a common known fact that birthdays are very important to me haha! Especially when you get a solid month of cake and eating out!! I definitely have a sweet tooth- and a salty tooth- and an anything edible/consumable tooth lol. Anyways, I am very excited for my gig tomorrow at Cafe Tiramisu with my duo partner Matthew Jumpsen! He is an amazing guitar player, singer and person to boot! The gig starts at 7 and I would love to see you there!  Also I've being getting good news that the album has been receiving national airplay, including on various CBC stations and programs.  Plus I found out this week that "Mosaic" charted #5 of the Top 30 played albums @ CJAI 92.1 FM Stella, Ontario! In other news I've really been enjoying teaching and I am going to being spending more time on that as I really have taken a liking to it! Hope everyone has a great month! (Even if it's not your birthday month haha!)

OCTOBER 2ND / 2014

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well! It's almost been a month since the CD release which is hard to believe! Since then I've started my last year in my Music degree in jazz and contemporary popular music, so I've been catching up and enjoying classes seeing my friends and teachers again at school! I can't wait to continue promoting the album more and more this year! I took a week or two to catch up on some personal things since the release, but in that time I got a interview printed with "Vue Weekly" and I heard that I've been getting some play on CBC radio- which is quite exciting! I'm looking to do more of that in the next year! Today however was a great day as I took a trip to the SPCA to pet some cats with guitarist Matthew Jumpsen! It's one of the best things to do!


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Mosaic CD release concert last night! It means so much to me! You all helped make it a success! Special thank you to TAT, Marissa Karpiak, and Megan Whittington for opening! (they killed it!) and to the band Matthew Jumpsen, Andreas Wegner, Shaquille Headley, Cameron Browne, Matt Graham, Kate Blechinger, Roya Yazdanmehr, Mallory Chipman, Emily Nancy Guthrie for making the show so amazing and for all being great people to boot!! Also thanks to the The Artery for helping us out and letting us use your beautiful venue, and to Sound Extractor for helping us make the album itself! And of course thanks to my mom and dad- who aren't on Facebook lol.